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Egeskovvej 28, 7000 Fredericia -

Villa  2.295.000 kr

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Set: 1187 Gange

5-4  2.295.000 kr

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Til salg  2.295.000 kr - Villa
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Renovated and modernized property located just outside Fredericia Voldanlæg

With a location a few minutes walk from Fredericia Midtby and with a direct view to the old water tower, we find this modernized and renovated villa.

Within the last few years, the exterior of the villa has been given a new tile roof, the masonry has been grouted and the windows have been replaced. Ie here you get a really good framework where the amount of future maintenance work is minimal.

The house is located on the corner of Egeskovvej and Vossvej. Via the latter, there is access to good parking conditions for the property – here you can keep three cars on the beautiful tiled floor. Read the full description

The enclosed garden is landscaped with lawn, cozy beds and really good terrace conditions where you can enjoy the sun. If, on the other hand, you are more into a walk in nature, you can walk on Fredericia Vold, where there is access from Egeskovvej or Moltkesvej – approx. 50 m from the house.

The villa’s interior offers a large nice utility room / back hallway with a separate laundry room. From the back hallway there is access to the kitchen with newer fixtures and plenty of drawer space.

From the villa’s two living rooms there is a view of Fredericia Voldanlæg and the white water tower. From the entrance there are stairs to the first floor and access to the newer bathroom with shower and underfloor heating.

The villa’s first floor contains a guest toilet, two children’s rooms – one with access to the loft / attic space, and a bedroom with access to a large roof terrace.

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