Skriv :

Fairhussalg er et koncept, bygget på tanken om beder balance mellem udgifter og ydelser ved en boligsalg. Vi vil skabe en følelse af retfærdighed for folk der sælger deres bolig gennem Fairhussalg

Om os

fair Sell your house

FairHussalg is a concept where people who need to sell their home can apply and get a clear product. We cater to salespeople who manage to make a larger or smaller portion of the sale themselves. We cater to customers who want to limit the cost of a home sale.

We do things differently, by making a “self-sale” into a sale where the seller and FairHussalg work closely together and are not “just” a sale online. FairHussalg has an eye for the people behind a sale. Whether a sale is due to joy, sorrow, or other circumstances, we have an eye for these living conditions in the sale.

FairHussalg is a concept where openness and honesty are at the center. Based on many of the ongoing TV programs about interior design, location, price assessment, etc., we have in mind that the conditions for a good sale are about being ahead of the competition. A healthy and harmonious look outside as well as inside is important to stimulate customers’ appetite and here we want to be sharp and active. The focus together with the seller will be to make the home ready for sale and according to the conditions as attractive as possible.

So we can sell the home as quickly as possible and at the best price.

The word “Fair” is obligatory and with transparency, honesty and orderliness as values, FairHussalg will always strive to create a balance between service and expenses and thereby leave future home sellers with a feeling of having received a fair treatment – even after the dust has settled .

FairHussalg was founded in protest against today’s high fees at real estate agents. FairHussalg has a basic ideology of bringing better transparency and balance between services and expenses in these trades.

A sale with us always starts with a personal meeting where we tell which services are provided. Then the seller decides that it is FairHussalg who must be the consultant for the seller.

Quite a few people gain experience in real estate trading. Most people only become acquainted with such a trade a few times in their lives and therefore gain no recognizability in the terms and expressions that real estate agents, lawyers and the banking world can present to us. Therefore, we quickly become powerless, lose track and the amount of unmanageable papers accumulates.

A sale through FairHussalg will require a small amount of work from you as a seller, but with an eye for a saving of up to DKK 150,000 and with FairHussalg, which guides you all the way through the sale, it is well worth considering.


A collaboration between you and FairHussalg is conditional on a few points.

You would like to have sold your home and we would like to help you. As sellers, you condition on making your home as ready for sale as the home allows. And in collaboration with FairHussalg, to trim the home so that it can get to the front of the housing queue through some presentable housing photos.

Regardless of which consulting service is agreed between the seller and FairHussalg, the seller provides security in the buyer’s payment to the property, for pending payment to FairHussalg.

(Written in legal parlance: Regardless of which advisory package is agreed between the seller and FairHussalg, including full package / small package, the seller to FairHussalg provides transport in the deposited purchase price all with the effect that FairHussalg is entitled to a corrective lawyer, bank or other person / company entitled to dispose of the deposited funds, to give notice to the person concerned with the effect that the purchase price may not be released to the seller until FairHussalg’s consideration and expenses have been paid).

FAIR HOUSE SALE: Houses for sale – Sale of housing: Holstebro, Struer, Lemvig, Skive and Herning etc.


Hos Day Worker fokuserer vi på og prioriterer partnerskaber, som generer værdi på mere end kun én måde.

Værdier som det at være troværdig, at kunne være dedikeret på alle fronter, at have integritet overalt omkring dig og det at handle ansvarligt uanset hvem du arbejder sammen med eller taler med – er et absolut must.

Dernæst – altid at være på udkig efter, hvordan vi kan skabe merværdi for ikke alene os selv, men også vores omgivelser – som kan være dig som kunde eller alle andre relationer, som vi møder.

For det tredje, hvad du gør, er hvad du er. Hvis det er et kald for dig at være jobudbyder, så kan du være partner med os. Hvis det er et kald for dig at have en platform for de bedste og mest interessante foredragsholdere i landet, så er du også velkommen. Det er er vigtigt er, at du vil det så meget, at det handler om at arbejde – men om at være. Så er vi partnere.